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What is the Brain Food Truck?

The Brain Food Truck is a mobile resource bringing hands-on, minds-on STEM activities to the Northshore region. With a focus on 3rd – 8th grade students in under-resourced and rural communities, we support in-school and out-of-school programs by providing them with easy to use activities that are student centered, standards-aligned, and fun.

The Brain food Truck is a signature project of the Northshore STEM Coalition, a 501c3 nonprofit organization envisioning a prosperous Northshore Region well equipped to meet current and future workforce demands leading in science and innovation by preparing all youth and young adults for success through inclusive, quality STEM education and workforce development opportunities.

The model of the Brain Food Truck is a mobile STEM resource providing activities for organizations to use with their staff and volunteers. Activities are facilitated by the user’s staff / volunteers (Northshore STEM does not provide volunteers / staff to facilitate activities).

What is it?

  • Trailer containing hands on, student centered activities aligned with state standards
  • The BFT is made for after school programs, summer camps, church camps, in-school, fairs and festivals
  • Trailer is towed by the user to the desired location and returned to Northshore STEM’s location after use. Activities are facilitated by the user’s staff / volunteers
  • Upon completion of desired activities the BFT is returned to Northshore STEM and restocked for the next community group by Northshore STEM staff / volunteers

What is it for?

  • Workspace dedicated to students making, learning, exploring, and sharing their interests
  • Provides academic and non-academic learning outcomes – thinking skills, persistence, building scientific and engineering process skills, reinforcing content knowledge, and provide experience to cross cutting concepts

What will it accomplish?

  • Engaging in and out of school time youth program providers to support successful STEM programming
  • Builds their awareness, confidence, and capacity to provide STEM education opportunities